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Intarsia Knitted V-Neck Ladies Cardigan

Intarsia Knitted V-Neck Ladies Cardigan

Product Details:


Product Description

Intarsia is an art as well as technique of knitting for winter wear, either by machine or hand. Nevertheless, our Intarsia Knitted V-Neck Ladies Cardigan is tailored from nylon, viscose, synthetic and organic wool that make our cardigan suitable for party or casual wear. Women can enhance their appearance through our cardigan because of its long beautiful sleeves, traditional color combination, buttons, length and more. In addition to fashionable outlook, our intarsia knitted V-neck ladies cardigan offers super warmth to the wearer with texture vibrancy. New combinations of different material permit for form stretching and fitting of closer fitting largely made patterns. Alongside, fresh mesh material permit for great breathability in our cardigan. New insulation batting and woolen fibers enable lighter rainments that keep women warm when recent and wet advances in coverings or down for fabrics or water repellence.

Key Features:

  • Has no wrinkles after steaming
  • Very resilient and soft woolen cardigan
  • Outstanding draping caliber by flexibility
  • Low weight and sheer knitted cloth